I offer a specific set of customer experience services leveraging my experience as a bank senior officer, marketing officer and chief experience officer.   

Strategy and CX Vision


If you are starting your FI's CX journey or jump starting it in 2020, ensuring that everyone is on the same strategy is essential.  I can work directly with your senior team or develop a strategy with your marketing team.  We'll craft a brand based CX Vision that channels CX efforts into a roadmap of tactics and implementations.  You’ll have a CX Vision that is:


Represents the brand value with CX Metrics for validation


Creative actions and support from your employees where the CX priorities are created to complement and support employee's other assigned priorities and goals.


The entire organization can engage.


Remote Delivery of Strategy and CX Vision - I have the online meeting, collaboration, and white board tools required.  I can successfully lead strategy sessions from a remote location.  

Remote Delivery of Strategy and CX Vision - I have the online meeting, collaboration, and white board tools required.  I can successfully lead strategy sessions from a remote location.  


Creative group of business people brains

Service Maps

I take the features from Service Blueprints that are so engaging to operational staff but map them in a Customer Journey Map format. 

  • Back office staff buy-in to the CX process

  • Great way to hands-on introduce / reinforce outside-in 

  • Low time and resource commitment

  • Identify the quick "find and fix" first

  • Ensuring that the operations are working.  When we later conduct a Customer Journey Map, the focus then shifts to what the customer is experiencing.

These mapping sessions encourages participation by all areas of the organization even those who might not feel that they have customer experiences to share.  The attached reprint of my article in The Financial Brand provides more detail on Service Maps.

Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map delivers a visual representation of your customer’s experience with you.  It helps you understand how a customer forms their perception of you.  You define the beginning and end points of the journey.  The team walks through the customer’s interactions creating a visual map of the processes, needs, and perceptions along the journey. 


We’ll use an actual customer experience and/or draft a persona drawing on research and feedback from multiple customers.The result includes the identification of pain-points, moments of delight, quick fixes, and a report including recommendations. 

Remote mapping sessions may be preferred even when social distancing is not a concern.  For example, when you have participating employees in different locations.  Online and collaborative tools allow us to recreate the in person environment complete with virtual sticky notes.  

Online Focus Groups

(a.k.a. Virtual Focus Groups)

Compared to traditional focus groups online focus groups are:

  • Quick to set up

  • Much less expensive

  • Less commitment from participants (customers or members)

  • More ways to present demos and concepts

  • Better engagement of staff

  • Provides a stronger video recording. You can watch a sample video report.  


Online Customer Interviews - When building a persona for a customer journey map, it is often worthwhile to conduct a scheduled customer interview.  The online version saves a great deal of time and money for both the client and the customer.  I can give control of the interview to the client and play the role of a facilitator or take the role of the interviewer.

The use of Consumer Online Focus Groups has exploded this year as a majority of consumers are capable using and comfortable with online meetings (for example: Zoom). 

Empower Employees

Bright Spot Analysis is when you compare a group of consistently high performers against a group of average performers.  We will observe the differences in behavior and then interview both groups observed and their colleagues.  I will report the opportunities for the organization to help average performers demonstrate the behaviors demonstrated by high performers.


Celebrate Employees demonstrating customer centric behavior by helping employees identify the behaviors and share with the rest of the team.  Make it both fun and easy to create recognition.  It is advantageous to celebrate the employee initiating the recognition as they are also demonstrating the desired CX skills and behaviors.   


Voice of the Employee (VoE) Ensure that all employees are empowered to act on (or escalate) a customer telling them about their experience with your company.  We teach Managers to listen after the employee opinion for what the customer said to influence the employee's opinion.  This usually starts with small team meetings resulting in a feedback loop reassuring the employees that their input was considered.


Service Maps – Use service mapping sessions as an employee engagement tool.


CX Research and Marketing Support


Surveys - I have decades of experience with surveys, providing high response rates.  My value is helping you define and implement surveys that can be implemented using your own resources.  

Existing Data - From shops to sales reports to operations reports, most organizations are already collecting potential CX metrics.  I can help you identify where you might be generating information that could be repurposed for measuring your CX program.

Identify Interaction, Perception, and Outcome Metrics - I can help you ensure that you are measuring:

  1. What happens during the interaction,

  2. What the customer perceived happened during the interaction, and

  3. The actual outcome.

Marketing Support for special or short term projects.