Strategy and CX Vision

I will help you craft a brand based CX Vision that channels CX efforts into a roadmap of tactics and implementations.  You’ll have a CX Vision that is:


Represents the brand value


Creative actions and support from your employees


The entire organization can engage.

I will help you set CX Priorities and define the desired experience for those priorities.  We will consider potential return on investment on your priorities from as large as implementing your CX Vision to single find-and-fix opportunities.  From the priorities we can select CX Metrics for reseach.

Empower Employees

Bright Spot Analysis is when you compare a group of consistently high performers against a group of average performers.  We will observe the differences in behavior and then interview both groups observed and their colleagues.  I will report the opportunities for the organization to help average performers demonstrate the behaviors demonstrated by high performers.


Celebrate Employees demonstrating customer centric behavior by helping employees identify the behaviors and share with the rest of the team.  Make it both fun and easy to create recognition.  It is advantageous to celebrate the employee initiating the recognition as they are also demonstrating the desired CX skills and behaviors.   


Voice of the Employee (VoE) Ensure that all employees are empowered to act on (or escalate) a customer telling them about their experience with your company.  We teach Managers to listen after the employee opinion for what the customer said to influence the employee's opinion.  This usually starts with small team meetings resulting in a feedback loop reassuring the employees that their input was considered.


Operational Map – Before launching a Customer Journey Map, I like to run a mapping session where the only CX question I ask is “What is the customer experiencing?”.  If you took a picture of the room, it would look just like a customer journey map session, but its value is very different.   (See the Approach page for more information.)  The operational map:


  • Engages everyone 

  • Is popular with non-customer facing staff

  • Uncovers find-and-fixes

  • Delivers quick victories to celebrate

  • Paves the way for the customer journey maps to follow

  • Gives each participant an opportunity to walk in the shoes of their fellow employees  

Remote Delivery of Operational Journey Maps like Customer Journey maps may be preferred even when social distancing is not a concern especially when you have participating employees in different locations.  Online and collaborative tools allow us to recreate the stick notes as virtual notes.  I can control all of the input or give control to participants.

Remote Delivery of Bright Spot, Celebrate, and VoE - I can consult and help you build a program that you would run largely independent of me.  

CX Research

Online Focus Groups - Until recently, most consumers had never participated in an online meeting and were reluctant to participate in online focus groups.  Now many consumers have not only participated but see them as fun!  Compared to traditional focus groups, online requires less time out of the office for you, no travel commitment for your customers, and less expense for you. 

Online Customer Interviews - When building a persona for a customer journey map, it is often worthwhile to conduct a scheduled customer interview.  The online version saves a great deal of time and money for both the client and the customer.  I can give control of the interview to the client and play the role of a facilitator or take the role of the interviewer.


Surveys - While I have decades of experience with surveys, I prefer to provide consulting advice rather than run the survey myself.  It tends to be less expensive for the client.  I can help you set up a great CX Survey research program.

Existing Data - From shops to sales reports to operations reports, most organizations are already collecting potential CX metrics.  I can help you identify where you might be generating information that could be repurposed for measuring your CX program.

Identify Interaction, Perception, and Outcome Metrics - I can help you ensure that you are measuring what happens during the interaction, what the customer perceived happened during the interaction, and what the outcome was.

Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map is the best tool available to understand how a customer forms their perception of you.  You define the beginning and end points of the journey.  The team walks through the customer’s interactions creating a visual map of the processes, needs, and perceptions along the journey. 

  1. Research the customer or the set of customers who will form the persona.

  2. Define the start and end points of the journey.  The journey may be as short as implementing a single transaction or it could be the customer’s complete journey with you from discovery to the end of the relationship.

  3. Identify the journey map team and communicate the research and the persona.

  4. Run the journey map. 

  5. Post journey map session - Validate the conclusions with real customers and implement any quick fixes discovered in the process.

  6. Determine if you’ll run further iterations on the map.

  7. Communicate the map to everyone in the organization associated with the journey.

Most services are effectively delivered even under Covid-19 restrictions.  I have recently changed my offered services to focus on remote delivery.

Remote Delivery of Strategy and CX Vision - I have the online meeting, collaboration, and white board tools required.  I can successfully lead strategy sessions from a remote location.  

Remote Delivery of Customer Journey Maps may be preferred even when social distancing is not a concern especially when you have participating employees in different locations.  Online and collaborative tools allow us to recreate the stick notes as virtual notes.  I can control all of the input or give control to participants.

Remote Delivery of CX Research - I am offering select research services where I have expertise and the research service can be delivered online.  For other CX research, I'll help you find a provider.  

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