Many Retail Banks and Credit Unions can be better served with a different approach to Customer Experience (CX).  Although considered heresy by some CX professionals, it may make sense to start by putting employees at the center then segue to putting your customer at the center of everything you do. 


I'll use a favorite CX tool, Customer Journey Map, to demonstrate my point.

A typical Customer Journey Map timeline might look like this:

  1. Conduct customer research

  2. Select and produce metrics

  3. Develop the persona

  4. Run a Customer Journey Map session

  5. Identify the moments of truth

  6. Develop a Service Blueprint

  7. Implement fixes and plan for future state


Here’s the problem.  Most of the talent in the FI is best engaged in the 6th step, Service Blueprint, when you focus on your own operations. Maybe a few Marketing professionals will engage in the first 5 steps but it is difficult to engage the majority of the Talent in the first 5 steps if they have never been responsible for customer experience.


A better approach to Customer Journey Maps for FIs

  1. Develop an Service Map (modified Service Blueprint) and Implement the quick fixes

  2. Conduct less customer research

  3. Select and produce less metrics

  4. Develop the persona

  5. Run a Customer Journey Map session and update the operational map at the same time

  6. Identify the moments of truth

  7. Implement 2nd round of fixes and plan for future state

More about service maps in my Financial Brand article.

Many good things come out of my approach

  • Quick Fixes - You're likely to have a few quick fixes just from getting all the disciplines in one room. 

  • Less Research - You’ll conduct less research and develop less metrics because getting the operational folks involved early means the people who know the existing reports are engaged. 

  • Employee Engagement - Everyone gets engaged right out of the gate. 

  • Common Understanding - Great opportunity for staff to walk in each other's shoes.

  • Gradual Learning Curve - You have more time and opportunity to teach the required customer centric focus.