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In addition to being a word play on my last name, the company name Long View is my view.  We'll get some quick hits along the way but the focus is on playing the long game.  More important, in my view, Retail Banks and Credit Unions need a different approach to customer experience (CX).  


Long View CX & Marketing operates in a space that complements the other major CX providers:

  • Creative / Advertising Agencies

  • Digital User Experience (UX) Specialists

  • Customer Experience (CX) Tech Vendors.

Organizations without on-staff CX professionals (or want to supplement their CX expertise) can look to me to provide CX expertise on either a project or ongoing basis. 

I have over two decades experience as a senior manager, demonstrating success in customer experience, marketing strategy, product management, marketing research, as well as banking channels.  I am a former member of Jack Henry's Banno Advisory Board.  For four years I was the Chief Experience Officer at a Bank and a member of the  Forrester CX Advisory Board Member.   I am a certified Forrester CX Pro. 

I am committed to collaborative teams working toward the prescribed objective.  I have strong analytical skills which I use to drive cost-effective projects and journeys.

I earned a BS in Finance from UConn and an MBA from Fordham University with a specialization in Quantative Methods.


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