Make every customer experience a validation of your brand promise to your customer.

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Customer Experience (CX) Services

My customer experience services have been retooled for remote delivery.  They've been revised to leverage online collaborative tools allowing employees and customers to participate from almost any location.  This approach saves time, money, and leverages the fact that many more people are comfortable with and practiced at participating via web meetings.


I specialize in helping Retail Banks and Credit Unions start and get the most out of their customer experience programs.  These financial institutions tend to have uncovered CX gems in their operational data and their employees' experience.  My approach leverages this fact and my over 20 years as a senior manager in marketing and customer experience at a retail bank.

For more information on my services, contact me, or download my two page services document.

Does the customer experience validate the Brand Promise?

The answer to this question is critical for any company trying to distinguish its own brand from the  competition. 


I can help organizations answer this question and research opportunities to close any gaps between what is promised by the brand and what is actually delivered in the experience.

I will work with and complement your internal marketing, creative / ad agency, UX (user experience) specialists, and CX tech vendors.

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