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Member Experience and Customer Experience (CX) services for Community FIs.

The best CX research is based on the largest FIs who tend to have a large staff and significant financial resources dedicated to Customer Experience departments.  I serve the community banks and credit unions who need to get the most out of their existing resources, especially their employees, before spending on dedicated CX projects.  It doesn't matter if it is credit union or bank, with members or customers, most community FIs take a different approach from the big banks. 


I specialize in helping Retail Banks and Credit Unions start and/or get more out of their customer experience programs.  These financial institutions tend to have uncovered CX gems in their operational data and their employees' experience.  My approach leverages this fact and my over 20 years as a senior manager in marketing and customer experience at a retail bank.

3 Special Services
for these Special Times

Service Maps to engage your employees across multiple departments.  Too many times FIs dive too quickly into a resource intensive Journey Maps before considering more engaging and less expensive options such as a service map.  Service maps can be develop with remote tools getting everyone on the same page without getting everyone in the same room.

Online Focus Groups and Customer Interviews have become the go-to and inexpensive research tool.  Quick and inexpensive, I'll deliver a short highlight reel delivering the important facts right from the participant.


CX Vision Statement - Defining or redefining the expected experience for your member or customer.  This can be done with the senior team or the marketing team as long as there's a CX Vision statement that is in harmony with the brand statement.

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